Solution for Travel Agents

Agent B2B Dashboard

  1. Agent can manage his basic details like logo and Company details.
  2. Agent can manage his own branches management.
  3. B2B2B Management.
  4. Bookings Queue – On request, Pending, Confirmed and On hold.
  5. Agent can manage his User/Staff.
  6. Define separate business rules, Commissions and Markups structure for B2B2B and B2B2C.
  7. Agent’s virtual booking file - Passenger details, Itinerary, Costing, Status and Documents.
  8. Enquiry management system.
  9. Manage own credentials for GDS PCC (License required from the GDS) {Charges applied}.
  10. Manage own credentials for payment gateway (Need separate merchant account) {Charges applied}.

      B2C Website

      1. B2C website design will be provided by Spider Holidays (Home page + 5 Static pages).
      2. Flights booking engine (Content from own GDS PCC) {Charges applied}.
      3. Hotels booking engine (Content from Spider Holidays).
      4. Transfers booking engine (Content from Spider Holidays).
      5. Sightseeing booking engine (Content from Spider Holidays).
      6. Payment gateway integration (Own merchant account ID) {Charges applied}.

          Payment Gateway Integration

          1. Agent’s own payment gateway integration – K.Net for Kuwait {Charges applied}.
          2. Agent's can use payment gateway of Spider Holidays.