Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Premium Admission Ticket

Under the iconic red roof of the world's largest indoor theme park lie more than 20 rides and attractions that indulge the senses in ways never experienced before, suitable for guests of all ages. Access to the rides and tourist attractions through the Fast Track lane.

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In Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the world's first Ferrari theme park and largest attraction of its kind. The Park offers more than 20 Ferrari-inspired rides and attractions, including a diverse array of rides for all ages and interests. Visitors will enter a stunning world where the Ferrari passion, excellence, performance and technical innovation come vibrantly to life. Along with rides, the visitors can also browse and shop from the several retail outlets that are located throughout the park including the largest Ferrari Store in the world and a Ferrari boutique that specializes in creating personalized souvenirs for Ferrari lovers. The park provides you a true Italian dining experience to complete fun filled visit to the park..

  • This ticket provides unlimited access
  • all rides and attractions of Ferrari World
  • through the Fast Track lane

Two advanced simulators are not included in the ticket i.e. Formula 1 and F 430. The supplement charge will be UAE 85.00 per person per simulator experience. Lockers and Luggage storage are available for rental on the Plaza level entrance area for UAE 35 per locker, UAE 45 per luggage. Strollers are available for rental from the Stroller Rental Counter at the Plaza level entrance area for UAE 40 per single stroller and UAE 60 for Double stroller. Wheel chairs will be free by presenting an ID card. Some of the rides might be closed on the day of your visit due to unexpected maintennance. For guests coming from Dubai or Jumeirah Cities, avail our Ferrari shuttle transfers (supplement) under Transfers and Shuttles (shared transfers).

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